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Using jupiter swap instructions for faster transactions

Performance-wise, it doesn't change anything (after all /swap is just a Transaction/VersionTransaction populated with the contents of /swap-instructions). The reason this endpoint exists is for ...
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Convert VersionedTransaction to Transaction

Here is how you can convert a versioned transaction to a legacy transaction // your versioned transaction let tx: VersionedTransaction = ....; let txInstructions = TransactionMessage....
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How to send transactions correctly and efficiently in python

Looking through the solana-py code, it looks like it'll usually do the right thing. You're forcing send_raw_transaction to also confirm the transaction, which eventually calls into
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How to add compute instructions to VersionedTransaction

I believe you search for TransactionMessage.decompile const txMessage = TransactionMessage.decompile(transaction.message); txMessage.instructions.push(instruction); const messageV0 = txMessage....
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