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My deposits arrived in a system program account

I just buyed 0.7 Solana via Phantom and it was in my phantom wallet. Later I saw that 0.686 SOL was transferred to another wallet with also the owner System Program but now only 0.014 Sol is in my ...
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My 11 assets were transferred from my phantom wallet to this address ANsTzGtH3NnmgUgagrRQgm6wNT9GdmxH7Xu3ex3E4M7d I don't understand how they get hold of my wallet please i really need help to get ...
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Solana anza-xyz wallet not opening the transaction request window, posted bug on github, no answer

Im going thru the same problem. if I click on the "connect button", choose wallet... will show my publickey but wont connect. but it I refresh the page after, it works fine. looks like when ...
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Solana OnCurve / OffCurve

Create a keypair solana-keygen new -o test.json Get the pubkey solana-keygen pubkey test.json Check the public key on solscan Solscan displays isOnCurve attribute false for the address. Airdrop 1 SOL ...
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How I can create a wallet from keypair in frontend?

This seems to be working for me : import Wallet from "@coral-xyz/anchor/dist/cjs/nodewallet" const wallet = new Wallet(Keypair.generate()) I understood that project-serum is outdated, you ...
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Solana address length

Solana public keys are comprised of 32 bytes of data. When you work with string public keys, which you are referring to, these are the 32 bytes of data encoded in base58, this means the resulting ...
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Solana address length

What you are seeing and used to is the base58 encoded version of your Solana address/public key. In reality, the Solana address is indeed fixed -- It is 32 bytes long. However, when converting from ...
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How does autoconnect of wallet work?

Hey can you solved? We are checking this, maybe can be helpfully: import { useLocalStorage } from '@solana/wallet-adapter-react'; import type { FC, ReactNode } from 'react'; import React, { ...
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