I am trying to send a simple transaction to transfer funds. When I invoke sendAndConfirmTransaction it just hangs and never returns.

I've tried configuring a few options in the command but that doesn't change anything. Here is the command I am sending:

    const tx = await web3.sendAndConfirmTransaction(connection, transferTransaction, [signer], {skipPreflight: true, maxRetries: 1})

Is there a way to see where the SDK is getting stuck?

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Solana devnet was down for the past few days which is most likely the cause of your issue, not anything on your side.

You can stay updated at https://explorer.solana.com/?cluster=devnet

Generally, if the ping goes into the red, devnet is unusable.

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    That was it! fwiw I had checked the url https://api.devnet.solana.com/haproxy_status and that had showed a 200 OK, even though it was unavailable. Feb 14 at 17:07

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