I've been using solana-py in python to interact with Solana for a bit now. And I've been wondering if there's a way to update NFT metadata in python. I'd assume you can't do it on solana-py. So I was wondering if there were other libraries I could use to update metadata in python. If there's no way to do it in python I plan on learning rust so I could use that. But it would be much easier to do it in python. If anyone knows how to update NFT metadata please share. Thanks for the help :D

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You can try to rewrite Metaplex sdk in python (a lot of people would be grateful)


What you're looking for is in


Here's an example of reading Metaplex data that I wrote:


Updating the NFT is updating the pda to new data that you send. Follow this structure.


IN order to update the pda you have to call Metaplex Token Program and call updateMetadataAccountV2


Hope this helps, good luck!


I used 2 projects to update NFT metadata:

  1. Metaboss: https://github.com/samuelvanderwaal/metaboss
  2. arloader: https://github.com/CalebEverett/arloader

But they are both written in rust. So do not know if it will be helpful for you.

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