I'd like to retrieve a list of NFT collection from Magic Eden using curl.

I've checked the docs at /collections/:symbol/listings, and I've tried to use the following request:

$ curl --location -s 'api-devnet.magiceden.dev/v2/collections/solice_genesis_avatars/listings'

but it doesn't return any items. I've also tried to use api.magiceden.dev or api.magiceden.io instead, but these also fails. And I don't see any endpoint available which I can use for the main website.

What I'm missing?

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Ok, I've found it at https://api.magiceden.dev/

Mainnet: api-mainnet.magiceden.dev/v2

The following curl command works:

% curl --location -s 'api-mainnet.magiceden.dev/v2/collections/solice_genesis_avatars/listings' | jq

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