this is a really simple question but I can't seem to find an example to do it. In a rust client I am just doing the following:

let (user_data_account, _user_bump_seed) = Pubkey::find_program_address(&[&user_id.to_le_bytes()], &program);
let (user_id_map, _user_id_map_bump_seed) = Pubkey::find_program_address(&[&user_account.to_bytes()], &program);

where user_account is a PubKey, and user_id is a u64.

In python, I am trying to use https://michaelhly.github.io/solana-py/ but PubKey doesn't have a to_bytes method, and i'm not really sure what to do to be able to get the same program address as I would get from the rust code (the same goes for the U64 really..)

Anyone done this before? Thanks


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I have previously answered this question here - https://solana.stackexchange.com/a/2739/486

import base58
byte_array = base58.b58decode('4YFq9y5f5hi77Bq8kDCE6VgqoAqKGSQN87yW9YeGybpNfqKUG4WxnwhboHGUeXjY7g8262mhL1kCCM9yy8uGvdj7')
json_string = "[" + ",".join(map(lambda b: str(b), byte_array)) + "]"

PublicKey does have what you're looking for: bytes(key)

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