So I created a folder and started a local validator on it running solana-test-validator. In another terminal I set my url to localhost and created a new keypair file, which had enough SOL in it. I also ran solana genesis-hash and confirmed that it matched with the genesis hash of the local validatorenter image description here

Now I run spl-stake-pool create-pool --epoch-fee-numerator 5 --epoch-fee-denominator 100 --max-validators 1000 --unsafe-fees (just the most basic version of the command) and I get the following error.RPC response error -32002: Transaction simulation failed: Attempt to load a program that does not exist enter image description here

It works fine on the devnet and creates the stake pool. However I'm trying to do it on localhost because there's no airdrop rate limiting so I can experiment more.

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Figured it out, instead of just running $ solana-test-validator we need to run $ solana-test-validator -c SPoo1Ku8WFXoNDMHPsrGSTSG1Y47rzgn41SLUNakuHy -c EmiU8AQkB2sswTxVB6aCmsAJftoowZG GDXuytm6X65R3 --url devnet --slots-per-epoch 32

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