I'm trying to specify skipPreflight in sendTransaction method the next way:

await connection.sendTransaction(transaction, {
        skipPreflight: true,

where transaction is VersionedTransaction. According to @solana/web3.js docs, in versioned transaction case this function takes only 2 args, where the first is VersionedTransaction and the second are options.

However, looking at a method realization code, in case of versioned transaction sendTransaction method passes to sendRawTransaction "options" argument, which is the third and because is not defined (I passed only 2 args according to docs), rather than passing the second "signersOrOptions", which I specified to contain options.

So how to pass options to sendTransaction method in VersionedTransaction case?

  • I believe this is a bug, please file a PR making the change to properly pass signersOrOptions instead of options on that line.
    – Jon C
    Dec 2, 2022 at 18:25

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You can instead call sendRawTransaction directly.

await connection.sendRawTransaction(transaction.serialize(),
        { skipPreflight: true }

Of course, the fundamental solution to getting sendTransaction to work is to fix the bug (and send the PR fix) as mentioned in the comments section.

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