I'm following this repo (https://github.com/GuidoDipietro/solana-ed25519-secp256k1-sig-verification) to create and verify signature, but the way to create instruction isn't used anymore so I'm trying to do the method way. I have a message and sign it using @noble/ed25519

let signature = await ed.sign(
            owner.secretKey.slice(0, 32)

In program, my input type is msg: Vec, sig: [u8; 64] and after build the program, the types required are 'ArgsTuple<[{ name: "msg"; type: "bytes"; }, { name: "sig"; type: { array: ["u8", 64]; }; }] So how can I convert these type for the function?

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For your message, assuming you want utf-8 encoding, you likely need Buffer.from(MSG, 'utf8'), and to make a Vec more specifically, you need to prefix it with the size of the msg, encoded as a u32, so using buf.writeInt32LE(MSG.length). And then ed.sign already gives a Uint8Array, so you can just send that in as is.

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