I use https://docs.solana.com/developing/lookup-tables An error will be reported when Fetch an Address Lookup Table method is used. Uncaught error: invalid instruction; RangeError: Trying to access beyond buffer length. Can you help me out? Code block: const lookupTableAddress = new web3.PublicKey( "BNhLBVM7rCxCShds7wVgYCqpTZBJnPNsd8gMhc6gGv3g" ); console.log("lookupTableAddress-publicKey:", lookupTableAddress.toBase58()); // get the table from the cluster const lookupTableAccount = await connection .getAddressLookupTable(lookupTableAddress) .then((res) => res.value); // lookupTableAccount will now be a AddressLookupTableAccount object console.log("Table address from cluster:", lookupTableAccount);

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It looks like this account only exists on devnet: https://explorer.solana.com/address/BNhLBVM7rCxCShds7wVgYCqpTZBJnPNsd8gMhc6gGv3g?cluster=devnet, but it has 0 allocated length and is not assigned to the Address Lookup Table program, which means that it isn't even a lookup table. Perhaps there's a different address that you should be using? You pretty much just need to create the lookup table, then fetching it should work.

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