I want to mint audio and image nft at the same time. Using Web3.js and Arweave. I am uploading audio and image to arweave and then nft metadata with those links for audio and image. It is successful.

Then I am minting that metadata with web3.js. The problem is, in my Phantom wallet collectibles I only see the image. I can listen the audio at solscan.io. Is there a way to listen the audio also in phantom wallet collectibles? I also do not mint my nft on Solsea or any similar platforms. Is that necessary?

  async function onClick() {
       if (!wallet.publicKey) throw new WalletNotConnectedError();
       connection.getBalance(wallet.publicKey).then((bal) => {
           console.log(bal / LAMPORTS_PER_SOL, "lamp sol");
       if (metadataRequest === null) return;
       const metadataTransaction = await arweave.createTransaction(
           { data: metadataRequest },
       metadataTransaction.addTag('Content-Type', 'application/json');
       await arweave.transactions.sign(metadataTransaction, arweaveKey);

       let response = await arweave.transactions.post(metadataTransaction);

       const mintNFTResponse = await actions.mintNFT({
           wallet: wallet,
           uri: `https://arweave.net/${metadataTransaction.id}`,
           maxSupply: 1
       }).catch(e => console.error(e,));

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Check out this post re: audio NFT metadata. I'd recommend you adhere to the standard if you are not already. How to make the json for an mp3 Metaplex programmable NFT

Here's Phantom's documentation around how they display NFTs: https://docs.phantom.app/best-practices/tokens/collectibles-nfts-and-semi-fungibles If you're not getting expected results from phantom, search your mint address in Solana Explorer, SolScan, and Solana FM to make sure that your metadata is actually rendering correctly on these sites. If the audio is not available on any of them, it's likely a metadata issue. If it's available on those sites but not in Phantom, you might check their discord to see if they have any recommendations specific to their platform.

  • I doubt Phantom supporting the playable audio within the wallet, but attaching audio url to "animation_url" in metadata object helped and now you can listen to audio within the wallet. Thank you a lot!
    – Nitsa
    Mar 30, 2023 at 9:58

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