Context: Ran the solana compressed nfts scripts successfully about 2 weeks ago from creating and minting to fetching by collection/owner using the helius devnet rpc endpoint.. This is the link to the compressed nft script: https://github.com/solana-developers/compressed-nfts

Problem faced: However, when I ran it yesterday, minting and creating of nfts works but not fetching by collection/owner. Instead, it returns the following error : enter image description here

Past solutions: I have tried re-running the scripts in the same order as well as checked on the api end point spec from metaplex repo but didnt find any breaking changes..

Ask: Is there any way to resolve this ?

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The issue were running into was actually a bug in both the script repo you linked, as well as the RPC indexing code.

Specifically, with passing in a page=0 value.

The correct value for the page parameter is >0. So when using the getAssetsByGroup and getAssetsByOwner, the first page will start with index of 1.

I fixed the bug in the compressed nft repo you linked, and here is the closed issue from that repo as well.

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