In JS/TS I can decode an account from bytes using the coder:

const program = new Program(IDL, new PublicKey(""), anchorProvider)

const decoded = program.coder.accounts.decode("accountName", buffer)

How can I do something similar in a Rust client, assuming I have access to the Anchor IDL?

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Anchor will handle this if the struct is from your crate, pub my_acc: Account<'info, SomeStruct> will decode for you. If you are using a struct from another crate, you can use:

pub fn get_my_struct_from_bytes(v: &[u8]) -> &MyStruct {

Note that if it's an Anchor struct, you need to trim the 8-byte discriminator when you the load the account:

    /// CHECK: no checks
    pub my_acc: AccountInfo<'info>,

let some_data = &ctx.accounts.my_acc.try_borrow_data()?[..][8..];

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