What is the best way to implement some « team allocation » in Candy Machine v3 (sugar)?

Maybe a « group » with 0 sol mint price? How do I specify allowed addresses in such a group though?

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By "Team Allocation" I am assuming you are suggesting some amount of mints are allocated to your the team. To do this, you'd probably want a Guard Group and a combination of multiple Candy Guards:

You could alternatively do something like Token Burn but this would require distributing WL tokens and could be transferable.

Here's a list of All Guards.

Using JS/Umi--that'd be something like:

import { some, sol, dateTime } from "@metaplex-foundation/umi";
import { getMerkleRoot } from "@metaplex-foundation/mpl-candy-machine";

const allowList = [

const candyGuard = await fetchCandyGuard(umi, candyMachine.mintAuthority);
await updateCandyGuard(umi, {
  candyGuard: candyGuard.publicKey,
  guards: candyGuard.guards,
  groups: [
      label: "early",
      guards: {
        //add other guards here
        mintLimit: some({ id: 1, limit: 5 }),
        allowList: some({ merkleRoot: getMerkleRoot(allowList) }),
        solPayment: some({ lamports: sol(1), destination: treasury }),
        startDate: some({ date: dateTime("2022-10-18T16:00:00Z") }),
        endDate: some({ date: dateTime("2022-10-18T17:00:00Z") }),
      label: "late",
      guards: {
        solPayment: some({ lamports: sol(3), destination: treasury }),
        startDate: some({ date: dateTime("2022-10-18T17:00:00Z") }),
        botTax: some({ lamports: sol(0.001), lastInstruction: true }),

Source: https://docs.metaplex.com/programs/candy-machine/guard-groups

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