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Deep Link application examples?

Are there any apps built on Solana that offer functionality akin to, where you can add a shortcut to your mobile home screen to facilitate transactions through a direct connection to Phantom?...
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How use Phantom deeplink in js?

I have a dapp that users enter with a mobile browser, the website is with js, and I didn't see any examples of how to deeplink with js, only react was an example. I used the link below, but it does ...
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Solana Flutter create transaction for phantom /signAndSendTransaction deeplink

I want to fund another user's wallet (let's say I have their public wallet address in my code) from my phantom wallet using a Flutter app. Now I can use the /connect deeplink of Phantom in a Flutter ...
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QR reader in Phantom doesn't deeplink to in-app browser

I read this and it says, Using their phone’s camera, users can scan a QR code to open a page directly within Phantom’s in-app browser. If a web app detects that a user is on mobile, it can also ...
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