I am attempting to sell tokens immediately after purchasing them (in few seconds), but I am encountering an error when trying to retrieve the balance/token account for the swap. I have used both methods, getTokenAccountBalance and getTokenAccountsByOwner, but I am consistently getting the same error ("cannot find token account" from baseMint or "failed to get token account balance" from tokeAccount).

I have observed that the code works fine if I set a longer delay for the sell-swap, such as 20 seconds or more. I suspect that this issue may be related to -> Finalized (MAX confirmations). So I cant getTokenBalance until Tx is completely Finalized, which takes over 10-15 seconds.

Is there any way to use RPC methods (e.x. to check token balance) before TX is finalized?

async function buy(
  accountId: PublicKey,
  accountData: LiquidityStateV4,
): Promise<void> {
  const tokenAccount = existingTokenAccounts.get(

  if (!tokenAccount) {
    logger.error(`No token account found for mint: ${accountData.baseMint}`);

  logger.info(`CreatePoolKeys for ${accountId}`);
  tokenAccount.poolKeys = createPoolKeys(
  logger.info(`Create Liquidity Pool for ${accountId}`);
  const { innerTransaction, address } = Liquidity.makeSwapFixedInInstruction(
      poolKeys: tokenAccount.poolKeys,
      userKeys: {
        tokenAccountIn: quoteTokenAssociatedAddress,
        tokenAccountOut: tokenAccount.address,
        owner: wallet.publicKey,
      amountIn: quoteAmount.raw,
      minAmountOut: 0,

  logger.info(`Get latest blockhash for ${accountId}`);
  const latestBlockhash = await solanaConnection.getLatestBlockhash({
    commitment: commitment,
  logger.info(`Create TransactionMessage for ${accountId}`);
  const messageV0 = new TransactionMessage({
    payerKey: wallet.publicKey,
    recentBlockhash: latestBlockhash.blockhash,
    instructions: [
      ComputeBudgetProgram.setComputeUnitLimit({ units: 400000 }),
      ComputeBudgetProgram.setComputeUnitPrice({ microLamports: 3000000 }),
  logger.info(`Sign TransactionMessage for ${accountId}`);
  const transaction = new VersionedTransaction(messageV0);
  transaction.sign([wallet, ...innerTransaction.signers]);
  logger.info(`Send TransactionMessage for ${accountId}`);
  const signature = await solanaConnection.sendRawTransaction(
      maxRetries: 20,
      skipPreflight: true,

  setTimeout(() => sell(tokenAccount, accountData), 3000);


async function sell(
  accountId: PublicKey,
  accountData: LiquidityStateV4,
): Promise<void> {
  const tokenAccount = existingTokenAccounts.get(accountData.baseMint.toString());

  if (!tokenAccount) {
    try {

//ERROR appears in this line
      const balanceResponse = (await solanaConnection.getTokenAccountBalance(tokenAccount.address)).value.amount;  

      if (balanceResponse !== null && Number(balanceResponse) > 0) {

      throw new SolanaJSONRPCError(
SolanaJSONRPCError: failed to get token account balance: Invalid param: could not find account
    at Connection.getTokenAccountBalance (C....\@solana\web3.js\src\connection.ts:3352:13)
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5) {
  code: -32602,
  data: undefined

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I'm not sure if this fixes it, but make sure to make Solana requests with the same commitment, eg confirmed.

In the buy method you do this when calling getLatestBlockhash, but the getTokenAccountBalance doesn't.

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