So, i've been trying to send multiple addresses my token using Javascript (@solana/web3.js and @solana/spl-token).

Sadly, the same error occurs multiple times, TransactionExpiredBlockheightExceededError. I understand why the error occurs and been trying different methods to solve this issue. But still, is there a effective way to bypass this error?

TransactionExpiredBlockheightExceededError: Signature 4iKv2StDaXggoicXmPkBREfp1ZcFz6RtyXn2J23YYF39kSJ9e7MPNCwpeoxL6X3jeKkRWxTdeWWz1L6EGT6xkLYA has expired: block height exceeded. at Connection.confirmTransactionUsingBlockHeightExceedanceStrategy

The time it takes for one transaction to execute makes it more worth using my wallet and just manually make the transaction which is unsustainable since i have some wallets to send.



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