I'm trying to find all the nft from a same group for a newly created SPL-token-2022 nfts. Previously doing that with metaplex was easy, But now i'm using the new standards.

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There's no way to do it with the current libraries, but you can probably code it up yourself.

The question is a bit vague, because you mention all NFTs from the same group, but then bring up their GroupPointer extension. The GroupPointer extension just points to another account that has the group info. If that points to a metaplex collection, then everything works as normal!

But if you're using the new TokenGroup and TokenMember extensions, then you'll need to search through all token-2022 mints with getProgramAccounts and parse their data to see if they belong to a particular group.

Many RPCs limit getProgramAccounts for token programs, so you may need to look for some other solution.

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