I have been trying to execute an anchor build command in my program, but I am facing some errors for the mpl_token_metadata package.

The error is pointed out for the below block of code:

use mpl_token_metadata::{
    pda::{find_master_edition_account, find_metadata_account},

The mpl_token_metadata version I am using is:

mpl-token-metadata = "4.1.2" 

The other dependencies in my cargo.toml file is:

anchor-lang = { version = "0.30.0", features = ["init-if-needed"] }
anchor-spl = { version = "0.30.0", features = ["metadata"] }

The error I am getting is: enter image description here

Can someone help me understand and solve this error?

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These imports are for older versions

From the latest version import them like this

use mpl_token_metadata::accounts::{ MasterEdition, Metadata as MetadataAccount };


        address = MetadataAccount::find_pda(&mint.key()).0,
    pub metadata_account: UncheckedAccount<'info>,

        address = MasterEdition::find_pda(&mint.key()).0,
    pub master_edition_account: UncheckedAccount<'info>,

docs.rs reference

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    Thanks ser, the solution worked. I updated my imports, and made necessary changes in code. Commented Apr 29 at 4:53

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