I'd like to make custom token program which just proxies all transaction to TOKEN_PROGRAM. I've made custom TOKEN_PROGRAM and ASSOCIATIED_TOKEN_PROGRAM, and what I'm trying to achieve is to make that token_program to invoke existing TOKEN_PROGRAM.

For instance, When I try to invoke token program for transfer, It just simply invokes existing TOKEN_PROGRAM to transfer.

This is what I tried:

                let account_info_iter = &mut accounts.iter();

                let source_account_info = next_account_info(account_info_iter)?;
                let test1 = source_account_info.clone();
                let destination_account_info = next_account_info(account_info_iter)?;
                let test2 = destination_account_info.clone();
                let authority_info = next_account_info(account_info_iter)?;
                let transfer_tokens_instruction = transfer(
                let required_accounts_for_transfer = [

But it just simply don't work. How do I invoke token program? is there any source I can see?

  • please update the question to elaborate what "simply don't work". surely there's an error message of some kind
    – trent.sol
    Commented Aug 18, 2022 at 6:39

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Use the anchor_spl crate.

This source code uses that crate to accomplish exactly what I believe you're trying to do, hope it helps you:



check this detailed and very helpful article on Cross Program Invocation.


  • this is effectively a url-only answer. improve it by discussing the content of the link sufficiently to answer the the question
    – trent.sol
    Commented Aug 18, 2022 at 6:27

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