How to receive or generate SOL for Solana Testnet (testnet.solana.com) for testing purposes?

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When you're working locally, you need some SOL in order to send transactions. In non-mainnet environments you can receive SOL by airdropping it to your address

With the CLI you can run the airdrop command:


solana airdrop 1 --url testnet


solana airdrop 1 --url devnet

See the Solana cookbook on how to airdrop in other environments.

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    This assumes that the CLI tools are configured to point at testnet. --url testnet can be passed with the above command to assert this
    – trent.sol
    Jul 12, 2022 at 23:57

for folks that don't have their CLI setup or just need devnet / testnet SOL at a moment's notice, https://solfaucet.com has an airdrop interface that you can access from your browser!


There is also this one now https://faucet.solana.com that should be maintained.

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