I want to have a nice way to show sol amounts in my code:

use anchor_lang::solana_program::native_token::LAMPORTS_PER_SOL;

const REWARD: u64 = LAMPORTS_PER_SOL * 0.1; // 0.1 SOL

I am getting this error: help: the trait Mul<{float}> is not implemented for u64

How would I solve that in Rust?

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I understand that the data types they handle are variables, so this function could help you to convert the lamport expressed in u64 to SOL expressed in decimal:

fn lamports_to_sol(lamport: u64) -> f64 {
        let sol: f64 = lamport as f64;
        return (sol / 1000000000.0) as f64
let amount: u64 = 1256541200;

Well this works:

const CHEST_REWARD: u64 = LAMPORTS_PER_SOL / 10; // 0.1 SOL

Maybe good enough :D

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