I just created an Anchor project with anchor init and tried to run anchor test but it didn't work. I always get the error:

Unable to get latest blockhash. Test validator does not look started. Check .anchor/test-ledger/test-ledger-log.txt for errors. Consider increasing [test.startup_wait] in Anchor.toml.

If I try using solana-test-validator I get the error Error: failed to start validator: Failed to create ledger at test-ledger: blockstore error

I increased the startup_wait value in Anchor.toml file but it didn't work as well:

startup_wait = 100000

My log file shows the following:

INFO [0m solana_test_validator[0m[38;5;8m][0m solana-validator 1.15.2 (src:94dd3726; feat:1211687720, client:SolanaLabs)
INFO [0m solana_test_validator[0m[38;5;8m][0m Starting validator with: ArgsOs {
        inner: [
WARN [0m solana_perf[0m[38;5;8m][0m CUDA is disabled
INFO [0m solana_perf[0m[38;5;8m][0m AVX detected
INFO [0m solana_perf[0m[38;5;8m][0m AVX2 detected
INFO [0m solana_faucet::faucet[0m[38;5;8m][0m Faucet started. Listening on:
INFO [0m solana_faucet::faucet[0m[38;5;8m][0m Faucet account address: GbS4pJsmhizfuvYJhm8sMSQ3xRHDHbUWCTNkkXygVC1Q
INFO [0m solana_ledger::blockstore[0m[38;5;8m][0m Maximum open file descriptors: 1000000
INFO [0m solana_ledger::blockstore[0m[38;5;8m][0m Opening database at "test-ledger/rocksdb"
INFO [0m solana_ledger::blockstore[0m[38;5;8m][0m "test-ledger/rocksdb" open took 108ms
INFO [0m solana_metrics::metrics[0m[38;5;8m][0m metrics disabled: SOLANA_METRICS_CONFIG: environment variable not found
INFO [0m solana_metrics::metrics[0m[38;5;8m][0m datapoint: shred_insert_is_full total_time_ms=0i slot=0i last_index=3i num_repaired=0i num_recovered=0i
INFO [0m solana_runtime::hardened_unpack[0m[38;5;8m][0m Extracting "test-ledger/genesis.tar.bz2"...

The versions I'm using are:

anchor-cli 0.26.0
solana-test-validator 1.15.2
rustc 1.67.0

Any suggestion?

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Try this combination:

rustc 1.65.0
solana-cli 1.14.12
anchor-cli 0.26.0

Solana 1.15 doesn't seem to currently work with Anchor 0.26. Was also getting errors when upgrading to Anchor 0.26 and found a working combo by referencing the versions used on Solpg.

  • Hi John, I tried, but unfortunately, it didn't work as well. Still stuck on this. :-(
    – Lano
    Feb 17, 2023 at 19:26
  • This is correct. There was an issue with the 1.15.2 release, so be sure to re-install the earlier versions until 1.15.3 is released using solana-install init 1.14.12 and also using the 1.14.12 crates
    – Jon C
    Feb 21, 2023 at 15:58

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