Output when running command anchor test

Running test suite: "/home/adilcpm/ratio/ratio-contracts/Anchor.toml"

Error: RPC response error -32602: Too many inputs provided; max 5 

Caused by:
    RPC response error -32602: Too many inputs provided; max 5 

This error gets thrown only sometimes, it goes away if i wait for few mins and retry.

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Looking at the code, this error is thrown for 3 different calls:

  • getMultipleAccounts
  • getSignatureStatuses
  • getRecentPrioritizationFees

Check how you're calling these in your tests.

Although oddly enough, the default max isn't 5 anywhere, so perhaps your test validator is configured oddly?

  • Hmm, i am not calling any of these functions. And this issue arrives randomly, someitmes it works, sometimes not working Commented Dec 7, 2022 at 11:50

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