I am sending transactions using the Solana web3js library:

  1. sendRawTransaction
  2. confirmTransaction w/ "confirmed" commitment.

Although, how would I check that the tx was actually successful?

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All I had to do was check for the return value of the confirmTransaction

const result = await connection.confirmTransaction(...);
if (result.value.err) { /* log err due to failed tx */}

Thanks Josip!

And others on this Twitter thread


you can check the transaction status like this

First, get the transactionId

let txid = await sendRawTransaction(transaction, connection);

Then go to this URL in Solana Explorer and check the status(pending and confirmed)

console.log(Transaction submitted: https://explorer.solana.com/tx/${txid}?cluster=devnet);

Specify the cluster in URL as you want devnet Mainnet etc.

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