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Why use getTransaction or getSignatureStatus for tx confirmation?

Why would I do polling with getTransaction or getSignatureStatus, when I can just use sendAndConfirm to check the tx status?
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How to ensure that a transaction is successful?

I am sending transactions using the Solana web3js library: sendRawTransaction confirmTransaction w/ "confirmed" commitment. Although, how would I check that the tx was actually successful?
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How to Sign a Transaction with Multiple Signers

I have a transaction that uses 2 signers(the user and the Keypair from the backend). It signs from the Backend and returns a serialized transaction for the user to sign. However, I am getting this ...
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How to handle multiple transaction when transaction instruction is too long

I have to send multiple transaction at once but if I will add the transaction like... txn.add([ixn1, ixn2, ixn]); or txn.add(ixn1);txn.add(ixn2)... So, this will handle by the solana runtime right, ...
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createAccount with pda gives Error: signature verification failed

I am doing something similar to this issue.. here are the two ix: let tx = new anchor.web3.Transaction(); tx.add( anchor.web3.SystemProgram.createAccount({ fromPubkey: ...
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How to bypass wallet approval and use the keypair on backend?

OK, Im trying to make transactions on backend(Nodejs). I want to make transactions that are made on the backend and want to store there as well(This parts easy). I just want to make sure, Because I ...
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Using a confirmationStrategy to submit a serialized transaction [duplicate]

We are taking a signed and serialized transaction and trying to call sendAndConfirmRawTransaction with a confirmationStrategy. The issue I am running into is that the lastValidBlockHeight on the ...
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how to use sendAndConfirmRawTransaction with BlockheightBasedTransactionConfirmationStrategy, i need a demo

new function: /* Send and confirm a raw transaction If commitment option is not specified, defaults to 'max' commitment. @param {Connection} connection @param {Buffer} rawTransaction @param {...
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