I am building a Solana program using Anchor and I would like to know which is the recommended way to authenticate/validate users allowed to execute certain Solana instructions. For what I have seen so far the Metaplex Token metadata program provides the NFT metadata required to validate the NFTs, but I couldn't find examples on Solana's cookbook.

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Manual implementations

A brief question that calls for an in-depth answer, I think this has been asked many times before:

Using Sol Cerberus (recommended)

Probably the quickest implementation and the most reliable option at the moment is using Sol Cerberus, an on-chain Solana authentication program funded by the Solana Foundation which allows you to create access rules and assign roles to the users of your program through a simple user interface.


The integration is pretty straightforward and explained in the docs. In a nutshell you just need to do three things:

Taking the SC demo program as an example, for creating a square it uses the Add permission on the Square resource. Therefore only the roles with the Square -> Add permission will be allowed to execute the instruction:

 use sol_cerberus_macros::rule;


 pub mod sol_cerberus_demo {

     use super::*;

     #[rule(Square, Add)]
     pub fn add_square(ctx: Context<Add>, color: String, size: u16) -> Result<()> {
         instructions::add::add(ctx, "square", &color, size)


and in the frontend:

// Javascript

let solCerberus = new SolCerberus(connection, myWallet);
await myProgram.methods.addSquare(color, size)
       demo: pdas.demoPda,
       ...(await solCerberus.accounts("Square", "Add")),

This is the way to validate the wallet address.

#[account(mut, constraint = signer.key() == "GEPxxxxx...".parse::<Pubkey>().unwrap())]
pub signer: Signer<'info>

This is way to verify NFT. As you know to verify the nft on Solana, we can use the creator address.

 let nft_metadata = Metadata::from_account_info(mint_metadata)?;

    if let Some(creators) = nft_metadata.data.creators {
        let mut valid: u8 = 0;
        for creator in creators {
            if creator.address == CREATOR.parse::<Pubkey>().unwrap() && creator.verified == true
                valid = 1;
        if valid != 1 {
            return Err();
    } else {
        return Err();

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