I am getting error: Instruction does not support native tokens when trying to initialize a new SPL metadata via:

 // Invoke the create_metadata_account_v3 instruction on the token metadata program
                CreateMetadataAccountsV3 {
                    metadata: ctx.accounts.metadata.to_account_info(),
                    mint: ctx.accounts.mint_token.to_account_info(),
                    mint_authority: ctx.accounts.signer.to_account_info(), // <=============== This line fails when signer is used, mint_token PDA doesn't fail
                    update_authority: ctx.accounts.signer.to_account_info(),
                    payer: ctx.accounts.signer.to_account_info(),
                    system_program: ctx.accounts.system_program.to_account_info(),
                    rent: ctx.accounts.rent.to_account_info(),
            DataV2 {
                name: name,
                symbol: symbol,
                uri: uri,
                seller_fee_basis_points: 0,
                creators: None,
                collection: None,
                uses: None,
            true, // is_mutable
            true, // update_authority_is_signer
            None, // collection_details

anyone can help explain why I'm getting this error?

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Probably if you create it with_signer the authority needs to be the pda from the seeds. Can you try without?

Here is an example on how to create meta data in a program: https://beta.solpg.io/tutorials/battle-coins

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    I think you are right. with signer requires mint_token pda. thank you!
    – AceGravity
    Commented Jan 9 at 16:38

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