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Durable-Nonces: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toBuffer')

On the Client/Browser When trying to initialize a new NonceAccount following the recipe from the [Cookbook][1] & Phantom Solana Coobook Instruction:
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Correct usage of "spl-token transfer" with offline signing

Relevant info... Source wallet: HcHQwif8dUB5MPg8miYsqw9YdoDmvpEZK7bnnUyyB5iG Source USDC token address: C62nBdh3tfE9bQTSqTe2tq4oEQqAMqSeWgFY4aJpiEjp Destination wallet: ...
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How to sign a TX offline by Solana SDK? And then send it afterwards

I need to prepare in advance, for a month, a 100 of TXs signed in offline, for SOL and USDT, USDC. In the documentation - offline transactions - it's described how to sign them via the cli utilities ...
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Offline transactions

I was reading about offline transactions. Say I have an app that allows users to transfer SOL offline. What if a user makes a send sol tx and signs it offline? What if he chooses to not broadcast his ...
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