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Nested vector in PDA account not being properly serialized

I am creating a PDA account that stores a string and a vector. Inside this vector, there is another vector. This is the structure of my account: #[account] pub struct Monster { pub seed : ...
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how to delete an element in a Vector Struct at Rust Anchor

Vec remove method { "publicKey": "8bu8S247Z1mcQnkWqNVLrU3L2VwWQ4hg2sEyjK4a9oiG", "account": { "adminKey": "BUa8iJi3PzkKDgDreyc4NG3BruYCTqmiRjPg1g8p2jHz&...
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Getting an IDLError when I try to create a vector of a defined Struct

I currently have defined a Ship struct in my backend code, as well as a Port struct which contains an attribute ships_berthed that is of type Vec. However, on my frontend (Svelte), when I try to call ...
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Iterate through Vec data and modify a field

I have the following code. Its a loop of an account's stored Vec that have an address and a number on it structure. Inside the loop, if a vec's address is the payer addres, then I want to substract 1 ...
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