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What is a common/recommended hosting service for Solana Applications? [closed]

I am building an web based application with React and Anchor. I would like to host this site so users can access, preferably the cheapest option. :)
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1 vote
1 answer

Why does my react web app break on mobile when trying to sign an off-chain message

The user journey is as follows: user lands on my react website user connects their wallet user is then prompted to "Sign this message for authentication: " user signs the message and sends ...
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Getting too many requests error own worpress plugin?

Hello everyone recently i was developing a wordpress plugin to check SLP transactions from and to wallet by providing both wallet addresses and use it on my own website. Recently it was working fine. ...
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Are there any wallets (phantom, solflare, etc) that can be integrated into an electron app and used to send transactions?

I am able to integrate Phantom and other wallets with my web-app using the @wallet-adapter. I am now trying to turn the web app into an electron app. Is it still possible to connect it to a software ...
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