I am trying to run some tests in my Solana Anchor project but I get an error saying that the declared program id does not match the actual program id.

Error: AnchorError occurred. Error Code: DeclaredProgramIdMismatch. Error Number: 4100. Error Message: The declared program id does not match the actual program id.

Here's the steps I take:

  1. Build my program (anchor build)
  2. Deploy using local testnet (solana-test-validator -r)
  3. Copy paste the program id that comes out after deployment
  4. Stop the local testnet
  5. Run the tests (anchor test)

My rust program declared id is:


But if i try to paste the client's program id I get this:

ProgramId: PublicKey {
  _bn: <BN: da075cb2ff5ec6817613de530b692a8735477769da47430cbd8154335c4a8327>

My question is, how do I further debug this? I've looked for the error inside node_modules to see what is compared that throws such error but I could not find much.

Thank you in advance, Happy coding.


Test client:

import * as anchor from "@project-serum/anchor";
import { Program } from "@project-serum/anchor";
import { BoyncAnchorProgram } from "../target/types/boync_anchor_program";

import { PublicKey } from '@solana/web3.js';
import { expect } from "chai";

describe("boync-anchor-program", () => {
  // Configure the client to use the local cluster.
  const provider = anchor.AnchorProvider.env();
  const program = anchor.workspace.BoyncAnchorProgram as Program<BoyncAnchorProgram>;

  it("Creating user Bob", async () => {
    // Add your test here.
    const [bobUserPDA, _] = await PublicKey

    const tx = await program.methods
        user: provider.wallet.publicKey,
        userData: bobUserPDA,

     ^^^ ERROR at this transaction invocation.

    console.log("[Success] Your transaction signature", tx);

    const bobData = await program.account.boyncUserData.fetch(bobUserPDA);

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I saw you found the solution, but the issue is more related to the Anchor workflow, which is not correctly explained in the Anchor book as far as I know.

When you are compiling a Solana program built with Anchor for the first time, it goes like this:

  1. Run anchor build
    • This generates the target/ folder.
    • Inside this folder, you'll find deploy/ and in there a keypair file. The keypair file is a generated keypair for the program you are deploying.
  2. Run solana-keygen pubkey target/deploy/{keypair_file}.json
    • This will give you the public key of that keypair
  3. Copy that public key and update it both on Anchor.toml and in lib.rs, where the macro declare_id!() resides.
  4. Run anchor build again, in order to re-compile the code with the new program id.
  5. Lastly, if you want to deploy it in localnet, I recommend using anchor localnet instead of the vanilla solana-test-validator -r since it deploys the program located on target/ for you using that keypair.

You only need to do the first 3 steps the first time you build the program, or in case you delete the target/ folder or the keypair inside it changes.

Hope this clarify things :)



Searched for the name of my program in the project directory and found out that it was a mismatch in the Anchor.toml file.

seeds = false
boync_anchor_program = "EkvnvRY2prU1sJpVLHBk5qsNMXBryaZeMVacRSE1pcZM"

I changed the pubkey to match the one declared in the program code and everything worked.

A clean rebuild did not worked. I wonder how the Anchor.toml file got stuck with a different programId. A bug probably?

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