I'm trying to add metadata for a fungible SPL token, which was done via token-list before. I have tried using strata protocol, but it does not show up on the list so cannot be done. Is there a simple js codeblock or CLI command to add the metadata easily?

  • On Strata just paste the mint address and it will work
    – Andres
    Oct 2, 2022 at 19:22

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To create metadata account on any SPL token you can create using (JS version) :

const createMetadataAccount = async (metadataPDA: PublicKey, mint: PublicKey, payer: PublicKey, metadataData: any) => {
        const tx = new Transaction().add(
                metadata: metadataPDA,
                mint: mint,
                mintAuthority: payer,
                payer: payer,
                updateAuthority: payer,
                        data: metadataData,
                        isMutable: true
        return tx;

To get the metadata PDA

const TOKEN_METADATA_PROGRAM_ID = new PublicKey(

const getMetadata = async (
        mint: PublicKey,
    ): Promise<PublicKey> => {
        return (
            await PublicKey.findProgramAddress(

The data part which is being passed in instruction can be constructed like :

const metadataData = {
                name: "Test Token",
                symbol: "Test",
                uri: uri, // Arweave URI link which uses metaplex standard
                sellerFeeBasisPoints: 0,
                creators: null,
                collection: null,
                uses: null

Creating the transaction and passing the parameters :

const addMetadata = (mintAddress: PublicKey, connection: Connection) => {
     const payer = Keypair.fromSecretKey(new Uint8Array(JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(keypair, { encoding: "utf8" }))));
     const metadataAccount = await getMetadata(mintAddress);
     const tx= await createMetadataAccount(metadataAccount, mintAddress, payer, metadataData);
     const transactionId = await sendAndConfirmTransaction(

You can use Metaboss to create an SPL-Token with Metadata or add Metadata to an existing token.



Decorate an existing SPL token mint with metadata.


Specify the existing mint address and path to a metadata file that contains the name, symbol and uri fields in a JSON format.

metaboss create metadata -a <mint_address> -m <metadata_file>

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