So i have been trying to use Metaplex to create a Collection nft as i am trying to name my collection, and it is just loading and loading with nothing happening. I checked the Dev console and its throwing a 429 error. I have been told i can do what i am trying to do on metaplex with metaboss but i haven't been able to find any instructions on how to do so. Was wondering if somebody could give me a run down of how i can do this?

Will be much appreciated, Thank you

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metaboss is really easy to use you can install it from the installation guide here and
the steps are pretty clear in this guide here on how you can mint a Parent NFT and then update it on your NFT collection. If you get any technical questions on using it put them here to discuss.


This is just the RPC that you are using complaining of too many requests. Similar to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72018671/429-issues-on-solana-metaplex

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