I am building an app that allows you to upload a photo and mint it as an NFT on Solana. I am trying to add funds to a BundlrStorageDriver object like this:

const storage = metaplex.storage().driver() as BundlrStorageDriver;

Which should work according to this documentation.

enter image description here

But I am getting this error: enter image description here

I looked online and couldn't find any references to BundlrStorageDriver's native functions or the data type 'Amount', so not sure how to proceed from here. What should I do? Thanks!

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    Actually I tried this and it worked. (await storage.bundlr()).fund(1000);. Gonna go forward with that for now! Jul 20, 2022 at 22:13
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    – trent.sol
    Jul 21, 2022 at 0:44

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Looking at the definition for the Amount structure and friends,

export type Amount<T extends Currency = Currency> = {
  basisPoints: BigNumber;
  currency: T;

export type Currency = {
  symbol: string;
  decimals: number;
  namespace?: 'spl-token';

export type SplTokenCurrency = {
  symbol: string;
  decimals: number;
  namespace: 'spl-token';
export type SplTokenAmount = Amount<SplTokenCurrency>;

export const SOL = {
  symbol: 'SOL',
  decimals: 9,
} as const;
export type SolCurrency = typeof SOL;
export type SolAmount = Amount<SolCurrency>;

Looks like it's just a wrapper to indicate if you are funding in SOL or with other SPL-tokens (looks like they at least support USDC).

So the correct way of calling the fund function while funding with SOL should be:

const amount: SolAmount = {
    basisPoints: new BigNumber(2000),
    currency: SOL
await (await bundlrStorage.bundlr()).fund(amount);

It should be noted that BigNumber doesn't come from the bignumber.js library, which is common, It is instead a type inside the same Metaplex library.

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