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Extend Account struct in anchor

Does Anchor support a way to extend/otherwise reduce duplication between Accounts for separate instructions? The way I'm writing instructions right now is by doing (obviously not all are AccountInfo ...
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: AccountOwnedByWrongProgram. Error Number: 3007

I'm trying to pass a switchboard aggregator as an account to my anchor program. However I encounter the following error: Error: AnchorError caused by account: aggregator. Error Code: ...
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1 vote
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How to calculate space for an account dynamically using remaining_accounts

Is it possible to allocate space to an account based on account provided in remaining_accounts? I want to allocate enough space to store public key of the accounts provided in remaining_accounts in a ...
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How to store data directly on the Solana blockchain?

I am a beginner in Solana Development and I recently learned that data in Solana blockchain can be stored inside accounts. Instead of this is it possible to store the data directly in a block instead ...
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how many Accounts i can create & how much max data that each Account can store in Anchor PDA program?

I would like to know how many accounts I can create and how much max data each account can take in Anchor PDA Program.
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Print in Solana Playground

I want to debug my program in Solana Playground. I am using the print function to get logs. The containing function is running but not producing any logs. Attaching a screenshot below.
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2 answers

How can one paginate large number of accounts fetch on solana?

Like fetching all candy machines using get .all() api of anchor ? How can one paginate the data or we can't until all accounts data is fetched ?
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Defining composite fields using Anchor Accounts structs from other crates

Consider an anchor workspace set up like so: programs/a/ programs/b/ programs/c/ common/ With accounts struct in the common crate: // common/ #[derive(Accounts)] pub ...
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