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What is the workaround for the "TransactionExpiredBlockheightExceededError" error when transferring "spl-tokens"?

You've created a wallet feature using the Web3js SDK. I created functions related to Solana and SPL-token retrieval and transfer and used them well. However, recently I am getting an error when ...
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Is there any possible way to retrieve the block time for those txs occurred before September 2020 [duplicate]

I know that there is no block time for older transactions before September 2020. But is there any possible way to retrieve the missing block time, or to define when the transaction occurred?
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1 answer

Older solana blocks have no timestamp?

Block on solscan: (no timestamp) Solana beach: (transactions with timestamp 01.01.1970) Solana explorer https://explorer.solana....
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What is the difference between a Solana Slot and Block?

When I use solana block explorers such as they sometimes refer by block and sometimes slot. Is there a concise explanation you can provide?
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When transaction's blockTime is null?

Documentation says, that transaction's blocktime can be null "if not available" - what are these cases when "not available"?
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Efficient way to get Account age?

So right now I'm calling getSignatures and getting blocktime of the earliest one I get returned. Is there a more efficient way of doing this?
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Are there any downsides to using unix_timestamp vs slot to time lock programs?

Let's say I want to restrict access to my program up until a certain time. Given some future time I can either: Use Clock::get()?.unix_timestamp to check if my future time has occurred yet Assuming ...
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What is the average block time or confirmation time of a transaction?

Solana is fast, but exactly how fast? What is the average block time of each transaction? Has the speed increased or decreased since Solana's creation?
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