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Advance localnet epoch for testing

If we have some program that uses let epoch_now = Clock::get()?.epoch; and we want to write typescript tests around what happens when the epoch advances, is there a way to advance the localnet time or ...
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Why can't I see block 1 on my local validator?

I have solana-test-validator running locally. And from, I can pick 'Custom RPC URL' and see the stats for my local validator. Clicking on the link for the current slot, I ...
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Creating Address Lookup Table in localnet fails with "invalid instruction data" error

As the title says, I'm unable to create an Address Lookup Table in localnet. I'm trying to create it in an anchor test and using the following code (which works in devnet/mainnet): const slot = await ...
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failed: Invoked an instruction with data that is too large (12884932884 > 10240)'

failed: Invoked an instruction with data that is too large (12884932884 > 10240)' i have this error when i try run test in my anchor program, but this only using local validator when i try using ...
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Problems to deploy program with Anchor 0.28.0 to localnet

I am upgrading my programs to anchor 0.28.0 but I am not able to deploy anymore. The transactions do not finalize. (devnet works fine) These are my versions: solana --version solana-cli 1.16.0 (src:...
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