enter image description hereI created a liquity pool on Raydium a few days ago and scheduled the pool to be launched 3 days from now. Yesterday I burned the LP (on Sol-incinerator) and since then I noticed there are a lot of error messages under my transactions on SolScan. and keep getting a bunch of error codes. I may be wrong but feel like this started happening once I issued a burn on Sol's incinerator.

the error is:

#6 Raydium Liquidity Pool V4 instruction

Program log: Error: InvalidStatus Program Raydium Liquidity Pool V4 consumed 12734 of 1349495 compute units Program returned error: custom program error: 0x16

  • Im also having the same issue, any idea why? Mar 21 at 21:51

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Can you share a transaction link? Most likely you're trying to interact with a AMM that is still uninitialized.

The AMM status defined by Raydium are:

  • Uninitialized
  • Initialized
  • Disabled
  • WithdrawOnly
  • LiquidityOnly: pool only can add or remove liquidity, can't swap and plan orders
  • OrderBookOnly: pool only can add or remove liquidity and plan orders, can't swap
  • SwapOnly: pool only can add or remove liquidity and swap, can't plan orders
  • WaitingTrade: pool status after created and will auto update to SwapOnly during swap after open_time

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