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Doubts about this liquidity pair

I have been studying for a couple of days how transactions are executed in the Solana network to know how each one of them works, I have come across a couple of cases that I still cannot decipher, ...
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Regarding pool integration into phantom wallet [closed]

I developed my AMM smart contract and I'd like to integrate it into phantom wallet so users can use my pool for swapping. What kind of process is needed for this? Thanks!
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How are MagicEden's Collection Bids derived?

I was hoping someone could help me understand how the collection offers on MagicEden are populated. As an example if we look at the Collection Offers tab for Degenerate Trash Pandas, At the time of ...
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dex lab invisibile token in swap

I'm trying to exchange my token on dex lab but I can't do it, because it's not visible in the area "buy my token". You can look here:
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Rust Client - Get Serum liquidity pool info

I'd like to get account data from a Serum Liquidity Pool in my Solana Rust Client. I have chosen the path to do this in Rust, so please avoid asking why I don't do this in TypeScript. I have ...
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