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What does `NotFullyLoaded` error mean in candyMachine

Since you have itemsAvailable: 50, you need to add 50 items (config lines) to the candy machine before you can mint. You might have to make multiple calls to addConfigLines() if all of them won't fix ...
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How Candy Machine data is stored?

It differs a bit depending on which candy machine version you are talking about. This answer is for the latest version candy machine v3 (which is split into candy core and candy guards. The NFT data ...
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Candy machine not found despite all transactions successful

Your Candy Machine has been deployed successful, it is just an issue with solaneyes. If you take a look at the network tab, it shows that solaneyes uses as its RPC, ...
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How does metaplex candymachine works?

When creating a candy machine you are using the Metaplex candy machine Program. It initialises your candy machine account for you (with your own candy machine id), which contains your specific ...
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Verify Merkle tree in JS - Candy Machine v3

the issue is that you were doing this => Buffer.from(keccak_256(e))), This was re hashing the already hashed proofs from the merkleProof function. With the following code ...
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Candy machine Sugar Minting button disabled on deploy

Make sure you have balance in your wallet. That might be the issue.
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mint multiple NFT at a time

You can't do it anymore because Metaplex implemented an anti-bot fee on the Candy Machine. A better answer is, that you can do it, but your users will pay the antibot fee for mint multiple tokens: ...
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Error when minting a pNFT collection with candy machine and umi

Unfortunately, the Public key does not match expected value error is burried in nested CPI calls and could refer to just about any account. However, looking at your code snippet, I can see you're not ...
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How to update NFT metadata inserted to candy machine?

I've found an solution. you can use metaplex.nfts().update() to update the nft metadata. however you have to set the mutable flag to true to change metadata after minted.
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1-of-1 NFT in a collection of Solana

1/1 are special or unique art designed by the artist.
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