Can someone who lately successfully deployed program to mainnet say what versions of solana-cli, anchor-cli,... did you use? When I try to deploy, it takes ages (on devnet its in 1 minute done) and in the end it fails with Error: Data writes to account failed: Custom error: Max retries exceeded.

I am using quicknode rpc, trying to upgrade/downgrade solana/anchor, but yet without success.


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I solve this problem by add flag --with-compute-unit-price 1 (you can change 1 to any unit price you one, 1 = 1 microlamport). This flag will add priority fee for all your deployed tx. Just use the latest version solana cli 1.18.8 try this

anchor build

solana program deploy ./target/deploy/<..>.so --with-compute-unit-price 5

Solana CLI just update to apply priority fee for all tx.

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