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How to freeze NFT/token in users wallet and allow it to be repossesed at a later date?

Freeze the asset in the user's wallet You can create a Token Account PDA for each user. Then the frozen assets will be deposited in that PDA. this will insure that the assets will only be withdrawn ...
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How does one unfreeze an NFT to send to other wallets?

If the tokens are frozen, someone must unfreeze / thaw them before allowing a transfer. The freeze authority on one of the token mints (https://solscan.io/token/...
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Freezing SPL Token accounts Via JS SDK

If the mint's freeze_authority is set to None then account freezing is permanently disabled. Otherwise, you can use the SetAuthority instruction to change a Mint's freeze_authority https://spl.solana....
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Freezeing part of presale tokens

So the TLDR answer is no, not without reasonably extensive developer knowledge. What you're describing is much like what the Mad Lads NFTs are doing with Wormhole, implementing a custom vesting ...
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What is the use case for `set_freeze`, `remove_freeze` and `thaw_nft` instructions in CandyMachine

I think the PR you linked explains it: it's a way to freeze NFTs for a certain time immediately after they're minted. set_freeze: This handler sets the freeze conditions on a Candy Machine. It can ...
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