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solana-developers / pirate-bootcamp intake?

I've come across the Solana-developers/pirate-bootcamp and would like to know if this is something that runs with a mentor to help guide through the quests, & if so I would like to know where I ...
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Signer issues with anchor tests

i'm getting a weird signer error when running my tests; Error: Signature verification failed. Missing signature for public key [`6jAudYFBbfQS59oPNjYcMkqr9MqBf312T7oP6WSYRjsg`]. In this case, ...
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Sol contract analysis

Hey I come from ethereum. Im conducting contract audits for adding new tokens to our platform. I can't seem to find the source code for a lot of these SPLs and token2022. like on ethscan the contract ...
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Does Solana have a strategy for erasing immoral (and illegal) metadata?

For instance, if someone uploaded (FBI level) bad (immoral, illegal, etc.) stuff into the metadata of an NFT, are there any moderation pools that are capable of erasing the metadata? Or is that ...
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